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For more than a decade PT. Sinergi Interior Project has believed that being a responsible business means for more than just legal compliance and philanthropy. it is, and always has been, an integral part of who we are and what we do.

Since 2008 We have been trusted by various client, PT. Sinergi Interior Project Committed to all customers as their trusted and valued vendor which wish to build a good quality products. we are determined to fully utilize the talent of our people as they are real assets of our company.

With our encouragement, together, we can make a real contribution, for our clients, for our supplier and business partners, to the communities, for our own well being and for sustainability of the world in which we live and operate.


Managing Director


In manufacturing, we measure excellence by detect no defects and deficiencies. High standards outcome achieved through long-term strict and consistent commitment process in order to satisfy customers or user desired results.

We do this in our own special way through a long tradition of encouraging our employees to have the courage To develop and implement innovative, ingenious solutions to overcome various challenges from all of stakeholders. We have seen a lot of progress on our commitment to product & sustainability. Our employees, client, suppliers, partners to play their part we are your trusted advisor, providing innovative solutions from design and execution.